Welcome James Duffy! #MeetTheTeam

Helllooooo everybody, we’d like to say a HUGE welcome to our newest team member…James Duffy.

James started with us April 1st 2019 and we’re excited to be working with him!

Here is James’ first BLOG entry with Influence Media, so without further ado…take it away James…

Right, Hello. 

I’m James, 19 years old and I’m the newest addition to the Influence Media family. I am currently a marketing apprentice with aspirations of eventually landing a full-time role here. I studied at Kelvin Hall School, and then went on to Wyke Sixth Form College – which is really where my passion for creating content came from. 


So, I've been working for Influence Media for over 2 weeks now (which has flown by) and it really has been a joy. I have been given the role of managing a few of our clients’ social media accounts, while also creating cool posts for popular events coming up which match the companies brand guidelines. I have also been to a handful of workplaces where Luke (big boss man) has shown me what a usual day is like when taking pictures for clients. I personally like the free food what comes with it.


I've never been to IKEA until last Friday, where me and Luke made a morning of trying to find the coolest plants for our brand-new office (I’ll get on to that). I think that’s something what interests me – how different every day is working here. One day I’m scheduling posts for a sports bar, the next I’m on my way to IKEA to buy a small Cactus. There really is a great vibe, especially the fact we work in one of the best buildings in Hull, C4DI. 



Seriously, it looks immense. It has come a long way since I started on April 1st … which I still think would have been a good April Fool's joke to say I didn’t actually get the job.

I’m obviously joking.  

That would be terrible. 

Anyway, since the launch of the office it has literally gone from four white walls with a cool view, to an office working paradise ... with a cool view. And at the time of typing this up, it’s not even finished! We’re still waiting on our order of 268 plants to arrive, and we’re working on creating a chilled-out zone near the big window, which is where you will probably see me working 90% of the time. 


 I’m not one to look into the future too much, mainly because I don’t own a crystal ball. But I can’t help looking when it really feels that I am somewhere special. Somewhere that is only going to grow from this point. I am constantly learning new things here and I couldn’t feel more determined. Under Influence, I feel the opportunities will just keep coming through and that is really exciting. 

Anyway, hope you enjoyed …whatever this was.

But there’s more of it to come! Including behind the scenes, Q+A’s videos and much more….


Luke Thornton