FEO Event Talk...

For Entrepreneurs Only a.k.a FEO is an organisation focused on helping aspiring and existing entrepreneurs take what they are doing now to the next level.

From starting out Yoga teachers and Bag Makers to business owners with hundreds of employees - there’s a real spectrum of people at different stages in their career and from from all walks of life!

With expert speakers sharing their story, tips and advise there’s real value being delivered at these events which is why when Luke Thornton from Influence Media was asked to talk about the latest Marketing techniques he couldn’t refuse…

In total there were around 60 people at this energetic event and Luke said that it was a real pleasure to share key insights that have helped him, his clients and Influence Media - specifically when it comes to how a company tells their story online.

Luke shared the stage with other local entrepreneurs such as Phil Benson and Christina Colmer McHuhh who had some impressive personal stories to tell around their business experiences to date…

With two other talks that week, Luke had his work cut out but luckily he managed it!

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Luke Thornton